Dive School

Dive school at MSAC offers lessons for beginner and developing divers from 6 years of age to 16.  Lessons are conducted by Diving Australia accredited coaches, and follow a series of skill-based classes focusing on fun and safety whilst also improving technique and confidence. Adult learners please click here for options.

During the lessons, divers will learn basic diving techniques including feet first and hands first entries, body position and spatial awareness, as well as being introduced to the fundamentals of physical conditioning. Most of the water work is off the side of the pool and low level springboards with dryland being introduced in later weeks of Levels 3 & 4.

Levels start at Jumpers (Beginner Levels 1 & 2) and Rippers (Intermediate Levels 3 & 4).  Following on from this, students can then enter Flippers (pre competition Levels 5-7).  Pre Club works towards consolidating basic skills in 1 or 2 X 75 minute sessions per week. Pre-Club sessions will have a longer 'dryland' component to prepare for Club or Squad diving.

Classes will only run with a minimum of 4 entrants.

MSAC Entry Fees are now incorporated into the Term fees and are no longer required to be paid at the door.

Divers will earn certificates for each of the Skill Levels passed.  For a list of skills learnt in Dive School click here - This document describes the types of activities and dives, athletes are expected to learn throughout their Dive School experience.

Registrations are now OPEN for Term 2 CLICK HERE!! 

** New divers must become a member FIRST, returning members must RENEW

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Come N Try:  Weekly Come n Try opportunities on Select Thursday's 4:30-5:15pm @MSAC. Registration is a must.  If Thursday's do not work,  contact Belinda 0402266019 for options.

Come n Try registrations

Whilst not mandatory, new divers are advised to do a come n try some sessions to be assessed and try the sport first.

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